medical wig

Customized partial wig and real hair HAIR PIECE

When choosing a medical wig, it is usually for hair loss caused by illness (such as cancer chemotherapy) or other medical reasons. When shopping for medical wigs, here are some suggestions and considerations:


  • Human hair wigs: These wigs have a natural texture and can be dyed, curly or straightened, but are usually more expensive and require more care.
  • Synthetic hair wigs: These wigs are generally less expensive and have a long-lasting style, but are not suitable for styling with hot tools.

Hair net types and comfort:

  • Consider whether the lining is soft, has adjustment straps or other features to ensure comfort and a proper fit.

Shape and length:

  • You can choose a wig that is similar to your original hair style and color, or choose a new look that is completely different.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Learn how to care for your wig. For example, some synthetic hair wigs cannot use regular shampoo.

price range:

  • Set a budget range and consider how often the wig will be used and how long it will last.

Try it on:

  • It’s a good idea to try it on first to make sure it fits and you like the way it looks before committing to a purchase.

3 necessary steps




artificial fiber wig

  • Price: Generally, synthetic fiber wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs.
  • Maintenance: Synthetic hair wigs retain their shape and curl longer, making their daily maintenance easier.
  • Color selection: Because they are made of artificial materials, synthetic hair wigs can offer more variety in color selection, including some less natural colors.
  • Shorter Lifespan: Even with good care, synthetic fiber wigs typically have a shorter lifespan than human hair wigs.
  • Unnatural feel and shine: While high-quality synthetic hair wigs can look very natural, their feel and shine may differ from human hair.
  • Styling Limitations: Synthetic hair wigs cannot be used with hot tools (such as curling irons or straightening irons) like human hair wigs because they may melt or be damaged.

real hair wigs

  • NATURAL LOOK AND FEEL: Human hair wigs offer the closest look and feel to natural hair, making them feel more real to the touch and look at.
  • Flexible Styling: Real hair wigs can be curled, straightened, blow-dried and dyed just like your own hair.
  • Breathability: Human hair wigs are generally more breathable for the scalp, especially in hot weather.
  • Price: Human hair wigs are usually much more expensive than synthetic hair wigs.
  • Maintenance: Human hair wigs require more maintenance, such as regular shampooing and combing, to keep them looking their best.
  • Possible deformation: Like your own hair, human hair wigs may curl or lose shape in humid conditions.

Custom-made wigs of RM23 and RM24 can be washed with warm water. (30~40℃)

1. Before cleaning, use a comb to remove wood and dust. Fasten the non-slip buckle. Add shampoo and conditioner to the water, lather, then clean from ends with a wide-slit comb or your fingers.

※ Please do not soak for a long time and do not rub.

2. Rinse from ends (under tap or soak). Then soak in water with conditioner for 2-3 minutes and rinse gently.

3. After rinsing, press gently with a dry towel to drain the water. Please carefully dry the moisture inside the wig on the part with artificial scalp, otherwise the artificial scalp will be easily damaged.

※ Please avoid using a hair dryer or direct sunlight.

4. When the wig is semi-dry, gently shake the wig to restore its curvature, and then place it indoors to air dry naturally.