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Do wigs need to be washed? Teach you 4 wig maintenance methods!

Nowadays, wigs are available in a variety of styles. Whether you have short or long hair, the style is natural.

Did you lose your hair during chemotherapy? Custom-made wigs can help you regain your confidence!

For cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, in addition to facing the torment of the treatment process,

Will cancer patients eventually need to lose their hair?

Many cancer patients always think that they will lose all their money before deciding to undergo chemotherapy.

Five major causes of hair loss

A normal person can have up to 100,000 hair strands, but they may lose 50 strands of hair every day.

Five foods to prevent hair loss

We recommend focusing on diet to regulate the body. Here are five types of supplements that should be supplemented:

The right way to protect your hair

Improper diet and sleeping habits of getting up late and going to bed late can easily cause scalp sensitivity.