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About Lai Ming Zhu Hair Center

Thirty years of professional craftsmanship makes it easy to find a teacher, but hard to find a teacher.

Driven by the internal economy, the social system has matured and the economy has transformed. Hong Kong is in the same situation as mature European and American countries. There is a shortage of human resources and labor force, especially professional handicrafts are more precious. The number of craftsmen with relevant experience and skills is decreasing day by day, and it is even harder to find qualified and skilled work industries.

Since 1990, Lai Mingzhu has continued to use hand-drawn drawings to express the details of the user’s head shape, characteristics and conditions of the hair through floor plans. In 2000, it began to use computer technology to carry out infusion molding to cater to the general public’s hair size and make the entire order process more convenient. The manufacturing process is streamlined and fast. Now that the technology has matured, the manufacturing time has been shortened from 3 months to 1 month in the past, continuously improving the level of customization to serve the public.

Lai Ming Zhu Hair Center has accumulated 30 years of professional custom-made services and has a solid and excellent production foundation.

Catering to modern style needs, breathable and comfortable, made of high-quality fiber materials, guaranteed for many years of confidence.

The real hair weaving structures are divided into different categories, and the selection is based on abilities and requirements to cope with different mesh materials. Lai Mingzhu has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience. According to experience, there are more than 10,000 hand-woven wigs, and each hand-weaver needs to be proficient in any technique of hook weaving and weaving. Cope with different types of designs

Skilled hand weavers

Understand the process of making wigs. The principle is to use extremely fine crochet needles to weave hair on different hair nets, and one needle can only weave one or several hairs. It takes about six to nine days to weave the entire hair net without interruption. Skilled The speed of hand weavers will also be limited to the size of the hair net, because the manufacturing process is very special and no machine can assist.

The crochet artist at Lai Ming Chu Hair Center

The weaving of the hairline is a test of the artist’s experience. By weaving hair strands one by one, the user’s forehead skin can be perfectly matched with the scalp and hairline without any ridges.

Precise and steady hook-knitting techniques

The craftsmen thoroughly understand every aspect of making real hair, integrate relevant knowledge, and have a clear understanding of the overall weaving technology, the required density, length, layers, etc., and make precise calculations and arrangements before the work is completed; The craftsman is the bridge between the hair weavers and will connect and guide the hair weavers in every production detail.

Using rare and precious natural materials to create a human-like hair set that looks like heaven

In the old days, the main raw material for manufacturing wig products was hair. Since the 1970s, the main production areas have been Shandong and inland rural areas in China. The long braids worn by young and healthy women from farm families are sold to large hair buyers. They are mainly exported to In European and American countries, the purchase of real hair is a fragmented industry, concentrated on a small number of long-established joint ventures and large foreign groups, and the finishing and dyeing processes are distributed domestically and in South Asia.

Straight hair*-Sure hair raw materials

In the real hair supply market, the grade, quality and grade of hair source materials vary greatly, and the price difference can even reach 20 times or more. It is understandable for users to be suspicious and cautious about real hair. The main factors of real hair are the collection location, source, hygienic treatment method, hair quality, bleaching and dyeing material quality, finishing and bleaching and dyeing technology, etc. Top-grade and high-quality genuine hair will be accumulated and retained after acquisition, and the price is quite expensive. High-quality real hair raw materials are hard to come by. Hair suppliers will only supply to partners with a long-standing reputation and good relationships. This is also the usual business model in the industry. Most of the source materials for making wigs from real hair are from China, and some are also sourced from China. In India, South Asia and Brazil

Original European silk hair

Colored hair has been bleached and processed

In the top-level real hair market, small countries in Europe before the collapse of the Soviet Union were also supplying it. It is a precious and rare raw material. The evolution of the times, the aging of the population, and the changes in values; healthy, hygienic and high-quality pure human hair is hard to find, and the supply and demand are imbalanced. The price of high-quality human hair raw materials is very expensive, and the price of raw materials will continue to rise in the future. Suppliers who are familiar with the market environment and have good external relations can provide raw materials for real hair at the same price and quality. Only by knowing and recognizing the source of real hair can you have confidence. This is also a major psychological barrier for yourself, and you will be confident about using real hair. We manufacture wig products that you can use with confidence and peace of mind.

Exquisite and complicated craftsmanship achieves durable quality

Wig products are composed of a variety of materials, including real hair raw materials, fiber hair wig materials, network cables, wig glue, etc., and are made with hand-weaving technology. Although the finished wig can only be completed after a complex manufacturing process, as long as it is combined with appropriate post-processing For example, adding wig color, straightening real hair, adding hair curvature and trimming accurate real hair styles, etc. If the preliminary process is done properly, the wig will be easier to care for in the future, the real hair will be more durable, and the wig style will be better. Will last a long time.

Color hair-after complete post-processing

Wigs made of real hair are easy to comb. After the selected real hair raw materials are processed, bleached and dyed, the hair quality is the same as natural real hair. Both real hair and artificial fiber wigs have their own advantages. Real hair products can be oiled and dyed. , synthetic fiber hair wigs are easy to clean.

Processed, bleached and dyed real hair

Unprocessed, bleached and dyed real hair

There are different levels of thickness and tenacity of real hair. Orthodox real hair styling techniques include hair cutting, patching, curling, shirting, etc. Real hair style requires manual skills and the appropriate thickness of real hair. Only by running in can the expected effect be achieved.

Processed hair can easily create ideal hairstyles

The processed real hair is divided into grades. There is a big difference between quality and grade. It can be distinguished by hand touch, intuition (identifying the ingredients of bleaching and dyeing materials), and testing agents. Judging the quality of hair with the naked eye is not completely accurate. Hair bleaching and dyeing are For a professional and complex industrial knowledge, knowledge cannot be absorbed from books but only through the accumulation of practical experience.

Frequent color-locking oiling is required after hair dyeing