Wig repair and maintenance

Once you encounter scalp mold or erosion, you don’t have to worry too much about whether it needs to be re-ordered.

In the real hair customization process, one step uses original additive coating protective materials. With the right supplements, most problems can be solved and improved.

Original protective materials

Additive coating protective materials

Real hair and artificial fiber hair need to be cleaned regularly, measured by the number of uses and the amount of hair oil. Use special shampoo and conditioner to clean real hair, the effect is obviously better. If you use a professional wig washing agent, the common procedure is to comb your hair first, then use room temperature water, hold the bottom of the hair with your palms, and let the water flow downward from the top.

Special coating for washing wigs

Then apply conditioner first, rinse with water, then use shampoo, rinse with water, and finally apply conditioner again. You can complete simple washing. You can also reverse the hair net and wash it. The same method can be completed. Clean and washed wigs should use a wig setting frame or support base. There are many types of wig supports, with different qualities and functions. The most traditional ones are made of rattan, and in modern times, wooden and plastic materials are used. , fiber mixed materials, foam glue and corrosive. The style and design have been greatly improved compared to the early days. Some are equipped with adjustable angle and stable positioning functions.

Plastic support seat

Rattan support seat

Any real hair styling also requires the use of a negative ion thermal hair curling machine or dye. Simple hair conditioner cannot make up for the above inertial damage. To care for damaged hair, you need to use more professional products such as hair masks and baking oils. This type of product is generally rich in keratin, cationic softeners and grease ingredients, etc., which can supplement nutrients for deep hair and repair damaged hair scales. Daily maintenance habits can maintain healthy and smooth real hair.

Condition of hair after enlargement

The process of real hair and wigs after regular oiling and maintenance (Starting from left to right)

damaged hair

Hair strands are scaly in the early stages of repair

The scales have been removed after repair

After complete restoration

Hair becomes smooth

Avocado, cheese, eggs and olive oil create a natural hair repair mask

If you apply hair mask too frequently, your hair will not be able to fully absorb the nutrients of the moisturizing hair mask, which may increase the burden on your hair and cause waste. Therefore, we recommend washing your shirt twice a month and oiling it once, which is enough for regular users. Cleanses and resists drought

Solutions for sensitive scalp

Allergens come from the body’s contact with materials, side effects of some drugs, the influence of head care products and hair loss due to unknown factors. Most of them are short-lived and obvious sensitivity depends on whether it is suitable to use wigs. It needs to be based on the actual situation.

Sensitive head flesh

Auxiliary materials to help reduce sensitivity

If you have severe sensitivity, a large number of head sores, surgical scars that have not healed well, or burning pain during treatment, you should stop using wigs and temporarily use a loose-fitting headscarf, or you can consult a doctor first to understand the actual situation. The ingredients of some wig materials are very helpful for sensitive scalp problems. The handwork has also made great strides, causing less friction between the scalp and the false hair net, or using anti-allergic auxiliary materials, but in the end it depends on many factors and conditions. .

Sensitive head flesh

Auxiliary materials to help reduce sensitivity