Instructions for Custom-Made Real Hair

Why is customization important? Why you can’t just buy wigs off-the-shelf online

Wigs are personal products, just like underwear. Each person’s size is unique and they require hygiene, not to mention that they are used on the scalp every day. What users are looking for must be comfortable and close-fitting, without the need for frequent adjustments, and to fit into every situation of your life.

Fixed net bottom used for different hairpins

There are special configurations for awkward positions

Technically speaking, most of the irregular headband contour proportions, such as high left and right ears, abnormal forehead hairline proportions, lack of skull grip points, etc., can be remedied in the hat-cutting skills test. In special circumstances Configuration can also be added below. For partial-type real hair, the stabilization method is more complicated than a headgear. It depends on the health of the individual’s scalp, the degree of thinness, the condition of the hair, whether there are hidden factors behind hair loss, etc. before being suitable for use.

1:1 head shape matching

Closely adheres to the scalp to prevent displacement

Regardless of the strapping method, clip type or adhesive type, as long as you fully master and understand it, the wig product will be very stable. Various wearing methods, accessory uses and techniques have their own characteristics. You need to clearly understand their limitations and avoidances, fully learn how to use and wear them, and cherish the products you use, as if they are integrated into your own body, and the feedback they provide What you will get will be relative feelings and effects.

Adjust hairnet size

Gripper type

The wig will be invisible if worn correctly. Full head wigs must rely on the innate shape of the hair. Under strict definition, the overall outline of the hair needs to be in proportion, and the head-grabbing measurement point of the skull position must be understood. A custom-made wig with an accurate head angle will have the highest concealment function.

Adhesive partial real hair

The principle of wig covering is similar to that of wearing a headgear. It covers the head in a full-scale manner. The material used is the mold, which wears out over time and becomes loose due to erosion by hair oil. Some positions are thus deformed, resulting in the shape of the mold. The wig is easy to shift or take off due to changes. If the problem is serious, the key parts of the wig can be adjusted and modified, or even replaced to restore it to its original state. If necessary, suitable special additional accessories or materials can be added at specific locations to hold the hair cover tightly. The principle of hair piece partial wig stabilization depends on whether the position of the stabilizing accessories is appropriate and whether the type of accessories selected is consistent with the actual hair problem. In order to achieve the best performance of various stabilizing accessories, it is important to use them correctly and appropriately. of.

Scenes of hair falling out usually only appear in movies

Hair clips specifically for wigs

Auxiliary wig accessories will make the wig more stable; the wig is equipped with hair grippers with different functions and designs, a stable scalp support, fused double-sided tape, fused glue, and anti-slip net. Each accessory has its own unique function. The assembly location needs to be selected appropriately and the correct method of use is required to achieve maximum performance. Appropriate guidelines and recommendations should be followed to reduce sensitivity or damage to the head flesh.

Why does my wig keep getting damaged or losing hair?

Proper and correct care methods can effectively extend the durability of wigs. Wigs will not be durable forever. The amount of secretions in the scalp and the ingredients they contain will affect the wig; the hair becomes tangled, prone to fading, dryness, loose fit, separated hair and legs, too much oil in the hair, and static electricity in the hair, which may occur. It’s to be expected.

The mesh material is damaged if you don’t know how to care and use it.

abrasive hair loss

When real hair is cut, nutrition stops being supplied to the hair and the hair length will not continue to grow. The original luster, softness and natural texture can be maintained for a short time, but will slowly be lost. Before making a wig, it will be sorted and bleached. Procedure, in the complete wig finishing process, the coating molds and dyes used are already very good protective materials, but they are always additive substances that will be lost and will continue to fade and change the hair quality over time. This is a natural phenomenon. , you can pay more attention and take appropriate care.

Aging hair

Scalp secretions directly penetrate into the wig’s head net or head flesh boundary, which will corrode the melting material in the head flesh boundary. The melt glue in the head flesh contains more than two layers or more of silk sand material, and the role of silk sand material is certain. Different effects in the head meat world.

Oil turns into dandruff

The world of head meat is beginning to rot

The natural effect and quality of the wig’s scalp border depends on the silk sand material and melting technology. The workmanship is fine and meticulous and requires proper regular cleaning and maintenance. If it is not cared for for a long time, the scalp border will turn dark yellow or brown. , the flesh of the head begins to rot, the wig will separate from the flesh of the head, and the durability of the wig will be greatly reduced.
Wig wear and tear is a normal phenomenon, and the degree will vary from person to person; it mainly revolves around three phenomena, abnormal curling, dryness and tangles of hair.

Hair lacks moisture and nutrients, leading to drought

hair tangled

Artificial fiber hair is basically made of PVC plastic material. When exposed to heat, head secretions, and static electricity, the nature of the plastic material will be affected. Irregular hair curvature deformation will occur, and the hair on the neck will curl or separate. If the hair quality deteriorates, Without deviating from the original style, the old hair will be replaced partially or in sections to avoid hair deformation and tangles. Brush as gently as possible, and perfume cannot be sprayed directly on the hair.

Perfume can damage your hair

Frequent use of heat styling causes hair to become frizzy

The tangles of real hair mainly appear from the neck to the shoulders. The acid and alkali in the hair oil have decomposed and damaged the protective coating in the wig. How to improve and avoid it. Pay attention to the cleaning method and use appropriate care materials. If necessary When conditions permit, you can add new hair or partially replace tangled hair, which can also solve the problem.

Ethanol affects rough hair

Cosmetics also contain certain chemical ingredients

After processing and bleaching, the wig will be wrapped in a protective coating and color dye. If the wig is overheated, excessive dyeing, bleaching, direct contact with perfume and disinfectant, the hair quality of the wig will inevitably be damaged; cosmetics come into contact with the wig Afterwards, it will be hidden along the edge of the hair net. It should be cleaned as much as possible, otherwise it will also damage the hair quality. Cleaning solvents and special methods need to be used to deal with it.

Styling sprays are mostly formulated with alcohol, polyepoxy alcohol (hair conditioner), fatty acid vinegar, etc.

Appropriate use of styling glue can make the wig style more durable and smooth; the chemical formula in styling glue varies according to different brands. The coating film in the wig that has been bleached and dyed, some styling glue will have adverse effects on the wig, if it is too strong The adhesive force will corrode and damage the hair quality of the wig. In addition to using it in an appropriate amount, it should be used together with a volatile neutralizer and clean water when necessary.