Technology and manufacturing process

Personalized drawing technology

Different head shapes require skilled drawing skills to meet various head shape conditions with exquisite hand-drawing.

Computer combined with perfusion and film pouring

After drawing, the head mold needs to be engraved through 3D printing and mixed with a solidifying agent to present the details of the user’s head shape one by one. We master the technical details and tips to solve different head shapes.

Exclusive mold bladder and embryonic membrane

The mesh material used in the process of customizing real hair needs to be sewn into an exclusive foot-size model according to the 1:1 contour ratio of the head shape. Since each user’s head shape is unique, after completing the embryonic model, we The head shape information of each user will be stored so that real hair accessories for other hairstyles can be customized at any time.

Exclusive mold bladder and embryonic membrane

In ordering different products, individual users require extra thick hair or different directions. Hand braiding can completely solve the unique needs and satisfy users with different conditions.