partial wig

Customized partial wig and real hair HAIR PIECE

Women’s Hair-Piece (partial wig) can instantly solve women’s hair loss, thinning and graying problems. As women age, they are faced with gray hair and thinning hair, and hair loss is also showing a younger trend.

Hair-Piece (partial wig) is a safe, healthy and immediately effective method of increasing hair volume. It does not require medication or doctor’s intervention and can easily resolve hair problems such as partial hair loss, hair thinning and gray hair. At the same time, Hair-Piece (partial wig) can also help reduce chemical damage to the scalp and hair, and delay the frequency of hair dyeing.

Hair-Piece (partial wig) is different from a full-head wig in that it is light and localized. It increases hair volume by covering specific areas of the head, while using hairpins to fix the surrounding hair. Even if it is your first time wearing it, you can easily master the wearing technique. We attach great importance to the comfort of our customers. When each customer purchases, our professional masters will carefully guide you on how to wear it, so that you can wear it in just 5 minutes and feel comfortable all day long.

Our Hair-Piece (partial wig) is made of 100% real hair and is fully hand-woven by experienced masters. It has the flexibility of dyeing and styling. It uses a simulated scalp breathable mesh bottom, which can be freely separated as needed, showing a natural and real effect.

We offer a variety of net base options to meet the needs of our customers. The size of the net base determines the extent of hair loss that can be covered. Customers can choose real hair Hair-Pieces (partial wigs) of different hairstyles, hair lengths and colors from stock, which can be seamlessly blended with themselves after a slight trimming.

The hair is invisible whether looking from a distance or up close. If the current stock does not meet the requirements, we also provide the service of customizing the ideal hairstyle according to the customer’s needs. If properly maintained, Hair-Piece (partial wig) can be used for at least 2 years, or even longer.

Advantages of wearing HAIR PIECE (partial wig)

The wigs we design have accumulated experience from many women, so we are particularly mature in the production and design process.

These advantages make our partial wigs ideal for enhancing your hairstyle and increasing your confidence, while also providing a comfortable fit and long-lasting quality. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality wig products so you can have the perfect hairstyle every day.

HAIR PIECE can create the following styles