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Professional custom-made real hair and wig services

We provide full and partial customized wigs, including men’s wigs and women’s wigs. Price is determined by size, hair length, color and density. All real hair is woven into the hair net by hand, making the entire wig more natural and fine, ensuring that the hair roots are thick and thick. We all use the new S size net bottom, which is fine and breathable.

20% durability increase

50% improved comfort

We also provide a variety of artificial fiber medical wigs, specially designed for people suffering from short-term hair loss due to drug effects. The hair net is made of anti-sensitive materials, which can effectively resist the erosion of hair oil and sweat. There is also a wire mesh material for users to wear.

Professionally customized wig hair color

Natural and imperceptible

Optional length and boundary

Product repair and maintenance services

If artificial fiber wigs are washed with professional shampoo, their durability can be extended and the dirt can also be washed away. Real hair requires careful care to keep the hair smooth and supple, as daily use will cause wear and tear, such as scalp damage. Grease and sweat, the heat of the sun and improper grooming will all affect the durability of real hair and wigs. Therefore, wigs and real hair need to be washed, oiled and rehydrated regularly. We provide the following daily maintenance services

More services cannot be listed, please contact our center for inquiries

Retail sale of man-made fiber hair covers and accessories

The fragile scalp requires special care, so we use Lace silk floss as the basic mesh material. The unique anti-allergic design maximizes its functionality. The wig will not be easily deformed even when washed in warm water.

All man-made fibers are hand-knitted and designed in styles such as men’s wigs and women’s wigs. They have been sterilized and can be used with confidence. There are also adjustment buckles at both ends of the wig for the user to adjust the tightness at any time.

Provide wig accessories for purchase, such as wig stands, wig combs, etc., so you can place them at home

Wash with warm water 30-40%

Adjustable mesh material

Hand knitting

Medical selection